Becoming the Main Character in Your Life

I don’t know who needs to hear this but we should normalize mid week charamatic selfcare.

I’ve been hearing a lot about becoming the main character in your life but what does that look like? For me it is total wellness and this week that includes the most charismatic version of self care on a Wednesday, because Wednesday’s Wednesday lol. Now this is not a bad thing but coming off of a recent emotional hormone rollercoaster, I’m mentally in a space to love on me and do all of my favorite things (well a few at least). If you need inspiration on how to become the main character of your story here are a few of my favorite ways.

Self Care and smelling good

When we think of a skin care routine we often focus on our face but what about the rest of your body!? Don’t you want to be soft, supple and luscious all over? Pair that with an alluring aroma and you’ve got gold. My favorite products to use right now are from small businesses Chateau Creations, and Pearl Glow custom Bath and Body. Between their soaps, sugar scrubs and body butters its a match made in haven so its not a surprise that I look and smell heavenly.

Mind and body

If you have been following me on Instagram then you know I over emphasize on not pouring from an empty cup. I encourage you to find what makes you happy and gives you a sound mind. I keep my cup full by finding daily movement, I spend time with God (we talk all day long), and I try to keep a routine. For example during the week after I drop the little off at school, I workout, spend personal time with God, do a social post, make my bed (Are you a part of the #Makeyourbed gang), shower, put on something that makes me feel amazing and then start work. It has helped tremendously.

The only other thing or person rather, is having an amazing supportive husband. I cant tell you how much I enjoy his company and conversation. He is a wealth of knowledge and on a good day wisdom but I would be remised if he didn’t have an honorable mention especially after we just celebrated Valentines. He continues to add peace and I value that.

Click here to watch our wedding story.

GOod eats

AZN Sandwich. Literally I’m here once a week

Y’all I love food but it hasn’t always been a friend to me and I literally can not eat what I use to as a kid plus the years of disordered eating has taken a tole on my metabolism and eating habits. I spent the better part of last year giving myself grace and permission to eat freely and find what felt good and what felt bad, which led to me becoming an intuitive eater. I also make it a point to not think of foods being good or bad because they are what they are but our individual body’s response to them is unique to us.

After my journey last year I stopped overeating and my portions got smaller. Because I no longer limit what I eat I don’t binge anymore and I don’t feel food guilt which has been wayyyyyy more beneficial to my wellness journey and understanding of how food affects my body and mood.

I love food and it is apart of my life but it doesn’t run it.


As my character develops she gets things right, but when she gets them wrong she extends grace. Grace is beyond important to me. I have found that I carry a lot of emotional trauma from decisions I’ve made and the best thing I can do is lend myself grace, learn and move forward. Its not always easy but I have come to admire my radical self honesty as I move through life.

Are you inspired.

Listen, I don’t have all the tips and tricks for you to become the main character of your life story but my hope is that this gives you a base line to start from. Even if it takes you doing it for one minute a day that minute brought you closer to you being active in your story. Now, I am going to exfoliate my body, moisturize and cleanse in the best private spa “le bedroom and bath” lol.

How do you plan to show up presently for yourself tomorrow?

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