How I walked into my Jesus Year

Y’all it has happened, finally I am here I have arrived. I have made it to my third decade and third year of life aka I turned 33. This is my golden year right? Its my Jesus year so it has to be.

Blind Influence

I first became aware of the phrase “Jesus Year” on social media from influencer and creative Hayet Rida who recently entered her “Jesus Year”. As I am a Christian and also turning 33 I was more than happy to claim the title Jesus Year without a second thought, but when I did take time to think about it I questioned what I was really verbally signing up for.

The one thing that kept coming to mind was “But Jesus died when he was 33”, morbid right? But that started a series of conversations that led to internal revelations and made “The Jesus Year” personal to me and not an influenced abstract idea. This is My Jesus Year.

I googled it

Now y’all know every good question can be answered by ole faithful… google.

As defined by google:

The Jesus Year is the year that scholars believe Jesus started a spiritual, political and intellectual revolution. The Jesus Year is the age in which young people decide it is time to get serious about life, time to accomplish something.

As defined by urban dictionary:

The 33rd year of your life where you are reborn in some sense. Perhaps a mid-life crisis and ego death, or the year you abandon old ways and start new.

Based on these two definitions it is clear that The Jesus Year is about new level introspection, seeking new accomplishments, and intense changes. For me it was a little deeper. Even though I shared the definitions first , that’s not where I started and I’m so glad I didn’t because I would have never dove into my initial focus point, his death at the age of 33.

His life and subsequent death deserves more than the summation of him sparking a spiritual, political, and intellectual revolution. As a Christian we believe that Jesus died to provide a covering and new way for us to be absolved from our sins and reborn in (divinely reattached) him (John 3:16), essentially giving us a new life. So to me The Jesus Year is about sacrifice.

There Are Levels to the Sacrifice

Drawing the conclusion that his death was about sacrifice I had a few conversations with my husbnd and moter in law over christmas dinner. The question “what do you think sacrifice means?” was asked.

To me the word sacrifice felt negative and heavy. Taking it at face value it means to go without or give up something for the better good of yourself, someone, or a circumstance; which can feel like a punishment, this is how I felt about it initially anyway. This viewpoint was limiting and not biblically based which was brought to my attention.

My husband’s thought process was similar to mine with a stronger emphasis on doing the things you don’t want to do so you or someone else can have. In this case Jesus didn’t necessarily want to die but he knew his sacrifice would save us all. His death also shows us that great sacrifice leads to great reward even if it doesn’t always feel good to live through it.

Biblically sacrifice means to make and offering of; to consecrate or present to divinity by way of expiation or propitiation, or as a token acknowledgment or thanksgiving; to immolate on the alter of God, in order to atone for sin to procure favor, or to express thankfulness.

To this point, my mother in law concluded that sacrifice and how we thought of it was right but needed biblical application. Because of the various definitions of the word sacrifice it solely depends on when, where, and how it is used in the bible. She concluded that sacrifice, even in Jesus’s death, was no more than obedience to God and in obedience God delights in our sacrifice. (1 Samuel 15:22)

My Jesus year

After all of the conversations I know what it means for me to walk into My Jesus Year. For me it will be about sacrifice through obedience as a way to please God knowing that the things I set out to accomplish will come to pass.

I pray that as I enter this knew chapter in my life God continues to lend grace, favor, and strength as I live more bodly for him unapologetic in the joy he has given me.

hello 33.

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  1. I think your thoughts are correct on sacrifice. I loved your post and saved it for when I had to time for a lengthy comment because it brought up a memory of my Jesus year.

    Years ago now, I was a single mom trying to date as a newish Christian. I turned to Christian Mingle, the online dating sight. I will never forget the funniest Christian pick up line of all time.

    A man messages me 33? So you’re the same age as Jesus. Anyways I just thought it was hilarious. Lol

    Blessings sister. Hope this finds you well.

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