Am I treating business like Instagram?

I was washing my hands and it was like a light went off aka I had an epiphany, "Have I been treating my business like my Instagram?" going with the flow of wherever my interest take me. Literally having a mindset of you as my customer/audience is going to get whatever I feel like giving. As a creative who is a designer that works to a degree BUT I was forgetting that if I wanted to make money doing this it has to have structure, has to have a consistent brand message and it ALWAYS needs to meet a need. So...

Becoming the Main Character in Your Life

Listen, I don't have all the tips and tricks for you to become the main character of your life story but my hope is that this gives you a base line to start from. Even if it takes you doing it for one minute a day that minute brought you closer to you being active in your story.

Creating life’s moments

I saw a quote today that read, "A good life is a collection of happy memories". I sat with that quote and it tickled me. Honestly a few days ago my mother in law and my husband had one of their beautiful conversations that resulted in my husband asking me about creating moments for the little.

Make your House a Home: 3 or more easy DIY Projects, Video Tutorial

Part of my problem is that I had never been in a place financially to decorate or add a little bit of me to any of my living spaces as an adult. Also I never saw the point as a renter. I have to give it to covid, although it sucks it gave me enough time to take an introspective look into my life and compare what I saw in my head to what my reality actually is. I didn't like the difference and I wanted to make a change and I did.

Seasons change and so did my skin

Here in the south we live through the hottest muggiest months just to arrive to a confused winter that takes forever to show up, but when it does it shuts down entire cities with one inch of snow and ice. But worst than that, the seasons changing can mean some intense and upsetting shifts in [...]