Creating life’s moments

I saw a quote today that read, “A good life is a collection of happy memories”. I sat with that quote and it tickled me. Honestly a few days ago my mother in law and my husband had one of their beautiful conversations that resulted in my husband asking me about creating moments for the little.  For those of you that are new here the little is this cutie below.

Hi I’m the little. oh and I just turned 5

The littles birthday is March 1st and as you can see she turned the big 5!!! This is a big deal I mean, y’all I kept this little human alive for 5 years, nurtured her vibrant ever growing and changing personality and that’s a big deal. Like most parents I wanted to do the most for this milestone. I was going to invite all of the children, order all of the cake, bounce houses everything!!! Well I imagined doing it all but clearly our reality presented me with a load of alternatives that have to be considered because it is a full blown pandemic and we’re not in the clear yet so milestones and how we celebrate them, birthday’s included have to be rethought.

Birthdays in a pandemic

This will be her second birthday celebrated during this pandemic. The issue this year is that the little is VERY aware of her birthday and what it should look like when celebrated i.e. lots of kids, cake, balloons, family etc. She basically planned her party and ask me to assist.

Y’all my heart hurt a little knowing that none of that was an option, well not as grand anyway, so we (my husband and I) decided to focus on creating a moment and a happy memory focused on the things that matter the most.

For us that means yes to all of her favorite things. Yes to as many balloons as she wants, yes to unicorns, yes to ice cream and yes to candy and cake. Yes to painting projects and eating pancakes for every meal, and yes to running and screaming plus some singing through the house and finally yes to a small amount of family that loves her and celebrates all she is and the things she loves for just one day.

Building Memories

The point is while we are celebrating during this pandemic focus on the things that really matter. What makes you and your loved ones smile and what has the most sentiment.

The one thing that my family and I have realized through the birthdays and holidays spent during this pandemic is that the small things mean the most and happy memories make a good life.

quote from quoteistan.

Until next time friends,


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