Am I treating business like Instagram?

I think I’ve been making the mistake of treating my businesses like a hobby. It took me 6 years to legally set up my business because I was scared and that would signal to the world that it was time to take it seriously, be intentional and consistent.

I’ve clearly had moments were I treated it accordingly, but that the issue, I had “Moments”, y’all who thinks that way? You cannot roll in and out of your business like it is a hobby and expect it to grow and be successful.

An epiphany

I was washing my hands and it was like a light went off aka I had an epiphany, “Have I been treating my business like my Instagram?” going with the flow of wherever my interest take me. Literally having a mindset of you as my customer/audience is going to get whatever I feel like giving. As a creative who is a designer that works to a degree BUT I was forgetting that if I wanted to make money doing this it has to have structure, has to have a consistent brand message and it ALWAYS needs to meet a need. So…

girl what is you doin’

Having that epiphany in such a mundane moment reminded me that God always finds a way to cut though the noise and deliver your AH HA!

To me those ah ha moments are God moments and I always acknowledge them as such. I’ve been praying to God this entire time, Actually, for years now, to continue to open doors and make a way for this vision he gave me, and he has been sayin for years at this point “I’m waiting on you…”

Y’all I’m scary (slang for terrified). Here is an example of what I mean, Lorenza James (my clothing brand) was started in 2013, I got my LLC in 2019. The next step is to set up a business account, I set that up in 2022. Why the big gap? I was shaking the entire time I was doin the paper work for my LLC and I cried when it was done and refused to work for 2 weeks. During all of that God was cheering me on until he was waiting on me again because I had had enough at the time and was ready to settle back into what I already know.

Absolutely crazy

Over the years I kept praying, “Lord please build my business, please grow my business…”, and the only response I got was “I’m waiting on you”.

Now in the year 2022 I have found myself praying that he show me which way to go, who to talk to, tell me what to say because I’m open and I want it all.

He replied in a mundane still moment with a question that is now challenging my internalized thought process about my businesses and how I handle them.

“Are you treating your businesses like Instagram?”



Treat your business like a business and not a hobby but if it is a hobby be honest and treat it as such.

Your business is not general social media it is the only way for you fill a need in the market and your consumers deserve to be/experience more than a fleeting high moment when you feel like giving it your undivided attention.

Finally stop making God wait on you to fill the vision he put inside of you to fulfill in this world. One thing we all know as believers is that whether it is done through us individually or not God’s will will always be done so why not through you.

If you are looking for a little more I watching this sermon by Pastor Mike McClure “Stop Being Stubborn” and OH MY STARS it was confirmation…

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