Fear is a real thing and it can mess you up.

Hey ya’ll hey.

Real quick. I have to tell you this.

I honestly thought I working outside the box. I thought I was letting God work through me, around me, for me in every aspect of my life but I got a wake up call. 

Literally as I’m writting this my head hurts, I have the internal shakes, every muscle in my body is tense,  my stomach hurts, and my mind is racing. 

All this means I have a serious case of the butterfly guts. That’s what I affectionately call an over load of nerves. I’m nervous, scared, and terrified of this next season of my life.

Yall may not know this but I love inspirational videos and my go to source is YouTube. I often bouce between Eric Thomas and Simon Sineck speeches. Anywho Simon Sineck, in an interview, broke down the bodies response to nervousness in new situations and environments and excitement in fun new environments. What he concluded was often times your body has the same response whether its nerves or excitement. The difference is in how the person feeling the emotion labels it. An example were Olympic athletes. When they are being interviewed before a major event they are usually asked “Are you nervous?” Their response is typically “no I’m excited…”.  This response is not by happenstance. They are trained to mentally treat their nerves as excitement because that is all they were really feeling.

Excitement not Nerves.

So as I sit here tonight butterflies flying, head hurting, muscles so tense it feels like I have internal shakes I am reminded of that story. Not only that but I am reminded of 2 Timothy 1:7God did not give us a spirit of fear but one of power and love

For a while I thought I gave my dreams, aspirations and life  wholly to the will of God but at some point I got distracted and scared. Opportunities I was once saying yes to I started rejecting and I slowly sabotaged some opportunities. My business suffered. I fell into a “helpless” depression (when I say helpless I mean literally I felt like I couldn’t anything right…NOTHING). Just a lot and I think yall get the point.

Where I am now is much better than where I started, well I started pretty good but it got muddled at some point. God is back in the driver seat now (he never left btw I didn’t even remove him I was just running away from my purpose and God was like “oh baby what is you doing”) and I’m just asking for strength, patience,  and constant comfort for moments just like this when he has to remind me that I am not nervous but excited and he did not give me a spirit of fear. That means I’m a conqueror.

If you’re reading this and you’ve felt all of the above be sure to remind yourself of Gods promises, they are still yes and amen.

Until next time Muses 


P.s. All the pics on this blog were the new beginning of me stepping outside my box again. I decided to model in my own fashion brand  campaign for fall winter and holiday. If you want to check out more looks or shop the collection Click here

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