Change is Good: Welcome to my life

I promise this won’t be long, I think lol.

Well those of you who follow The Melanin Muses on Social Media might already be able to guess some changes  were going on. Well Today I want to officially let you in on EVERYTHING but first let’s cover some history. Brief history.

We’re The Muses

So The Melanin Muses were born sometime last year around December. It was comprised of myself, y’all know me, and my two cousins, Kristen and Kayla. All three of us have our own thing going on Kayla has a podcast, POCPOV, Kristen is a photog Kajeview, and I am  a clothing designer Lorenza James by Elle Dove. Together, we combined the things we loved and aspired to inspire and awaken the muse in every woman. This could be through fashion, faith, art, etc. What ever you were into we wanted to shine a light on it and encourage you to share your gift. Dope right! 
While the concept was dope life happened, passions dwindled and focuses shifted. Now it’s not bad,  these things happen and honestly are expected. When ever you start a new venture you never know how it’s going to grow and  change. While reevaluating everything we decided to amicably part ways and TMM became my baby. 

Funny enough I didn’t know what to do with it by myself until now.

Things change and it’s ok!!!

I was reluctant to make any major changes but I needed something that I could build on that was really mine that allowed you to really connect to me. To test the waters I put myself out there in my first “personal” blog piece titled “So far I’m not impressed” ( click here to read that). It still took 3 months after that post for me to figure out what I really wanted to do. So here we are. 

Most people know of me from my fashion page but get a little frustrated because no one really sees me or knows to much about me and my life outside of fashion unless you know me in real life. I thought what an awesome way to begin sharing more about myself. It’s funny how things worked out (Gods timing is impeccable).

What can you expect?

Here is where I will share my faith, family, and of course fashion. You’ll get a sneak peek into my full time mom, business, and wife life and hear from my hubby every so often. We will share inspirational stories, DIY projects and life hacks (I’ve tested a few and honey the results will shock you!!!!).

I’m so happy to start this new journey and I’m happy to share what I’ve learned and what I’m still figuring out. 

This is my life. Welcome to Elle Dove.

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