Welcome to my entrepreneurial journal

Hi, I’m Le’Andra aka Elle,
an independent fashion designer, Content creator with a boutique Media company.

I wanted to journal my growth as a business owner. My hope is through my lived wins and lessons learned I can help and assist the next budding entrepreneur or… You can be entertained at the very least.

I want you to understand that this is a very vulnerable space full of honesty where “failure” is celebrated as lessons learned. I am not perfect. I do not have it all figured out but I am trying.

I don’t want to wake up successful one day and the only advice I can give is “I worked really hard, and if I can do it so can you”, because all I can remember are the extreme highs, and lows; honey it will be in writing EVERY SINGLE PART, assuming I can continuously muster the bravery to speak on all of it.

What I have to say is in no particular order so I’ll try my best to organize my entries according to the business, advice, or feeling I am sharing that day.

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I was washing my hands and it was like a light went off aka I had an epiphany, “Have I been treating my business like my Instagram?” going with the flow of wherever my interest take me. Literally having a mindset of you as my customer/audience is going to get whatever I feel like giving. As a creative who is a designer that works to a degree BUT I was forgetting that if I wanted to make money doing this it has to have structure, has to have a consistent brand message and it ALWAYS needs to meet a need. So…