Make your House a Home: 3 or more easy DIY Projects, Video Tutorial

Hey Y’all Lets make this house a home

Hey y’all hey,

I started the ” Make your house a Home” series because I, like many of you, I was stuck in my house and I came to realize my house wasn’t very cozy or homey. Since we moved in in October the house still had clutter spots, my closest was never properly unpacked, and my bed was still sitting on its box spring on the floor. Y’all this was a house NOT a home, and here I was stuck in it. This unwelcoming uncomfortable living space.

Part of my problem is that I had never been in a place financially to decorate or add a little bit of me to any of my living spaces as an adult. Also I never saw the point as a renter. I have to give it to covid, although it sucks it gave me enough time to take an introspective look into my life and compare what I saw in my head to what my reality actually is. I didn’t like the difference and I wanted to make a change and I did.

This is where i started

In my last post I shared with you where this joureny began. (click here to check it out). There I showed you how I decorated my dining room area, undating the tables and reuphultering the chairs. I boasted on how big of a differnce that made to that nook in my home. It was brighter and cozy. Because of this it has quickly become my favorite place to be.

We only have one life to live so lets make it ours irl

I said all of that to say this , we only have one life to live and with a little determination and elbow grease we can have the life we see in our minds eye. I don’t know where you are going to start making a change but for me I started with my dining room (kind of a big project) and built on that with simpler decor projects. Many of you have told me on Instagram that you are living vicariously through me wishing you could do these projects in your home. Because of this I was also asked to show you some simpler projects just to get you going in the right direction and today I’m delivering.

Today I’m going to show you a few simple diy’s that can easily and quickly make your home more inviting, warm, and cozy.

Elle’s Top 3 ways to make your house a home

  1. Choose quick decor options.
    • A quick pick me up for me is adding flowers to my rooms. They are as easy as turning an old pickle jar into a vase and purchasing your favorite floral arrangement and popping them in a visible spot.
Here I combined fresh eucalyptus and peony flowers.

For me this was tulips and peony flowers at first but now I’ve fallen in love with fresh eucalyptus. It is a natural air purifier and the scent fills the room. It also last twice as long as a floral arrangement.

2. Add simple art work to walls or rugs to the floor.

Simple art work can include your favorite pictures of your family, family art pieces , wood work, metal work ect. Rugs work to center an area and can pull a room together and right now it is very on trend to layer rugs. If you decide to try this out check out pintrest for different looks then add your twist to it in your home.

3. Take a week or two to deep clean your home.

Literally take the time to go through everything. Wipe down walls, scrub base boards, clean out closets, everything. If it serves no purpose and doesn’t have a distinguishable home in your home it has to go. The goal is to create a VERY clean living space.

Maybe you don’t like things on the walls and counters and you definitely only like the idea of ONE perfect rug at most if needed in an area. Number 3 is definitely you. You are a minimalist and that is perfectly fine, my mom is too. She literally can not stand anything on the walls and counters and she loves clean lines throughout her very clean home. Literally everything is purposed.

2 Easy Diy projects: Video tutorial

When I can I will always try and share a video tutorial of some of the things I have done in my home. This week I’m showing you two projects I did using dollar tree products and prints I ordered from amazon. I hope you all enjoy.

Canvas to canvas/ open frame tutorials

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post. If you found the ideas helpful or were inspired by them please let me now in the comments and don’t forget to share.

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