Making Your house a home: How to DIY your dining room, Pictorial and Video tutorial

Hey y’all hey!!! I think we all can agree that this quarantine threw us for a loop and caused everything to kinda pause in our lives and make us be still for a while. The problem with that is many of us myself included realized in the rush that was our lives we sacrificed the coziness that could be our homes, enter in the renovation teams and my favorite the birth of more do it yourself’ers and self proclaimed interior decorators.

From the title you clearly tell which category I fell in. I learned a new skill, fell in love with the process, and was amazed by the results. The best part of it all, I was able to transform a section of my home that was ok and made it brighter and homier. Below is a pictorial of how I transformed my dinning room table and as a bonus I have attached a video of how I reupholster my chairs. This project took a few days to complete for me but it you have some help it can be done in about two days. Y’all the results are going to amaze you, and if you’re anything like me you’re gong to beam with pride every time you look at this new cozy nook in your home, for me its my dining room, and that was just were I started first. If you’re still in denial trust me when I say if you can draw as straight line with an ruler you can do this.

Dining room table pictorial


  • Adhesive Contact paper. color and pattern of your choice. ( you can find in Walmart, or amazon)
  • scissors
  • something with a straight edge like a credit card. I used my “fashionista at work” name plate.
  • gold leaf paint (I painted gold on the marble. it was fun but it isn’t necessary for you, you can order it and skip that step)

*Note before you cover the table, paint the legs first allow to dry then follow the step below.

Lets Get started

I know you see where I scored the table DON’T DO THAT
  2. FOLLOW the instructions on the contact paper roll.
  3. When measuring your table make sure you leave enough over hang to cover all of the sides of your table and wrap under for a clean finish.
  4. Cut off what you are using from the roll.
  5. The instructions on the contact paper say to smooth from the center out to the edges but I found it easier to start at one end of the table peel and smooth down the length of the table.

Repeat the process to cover the entire table. If you get any air bubbles you can use a razor or exact- o knife to cut a small slit in the bubble and lay the contact paper down.

How to do the Corners????

  1. You can fold the corners like a present. I tried it a different way and I had to redo them. I found a YouTube link that you can try to visually follow how to do the corners.

Once you finish all of the corners you are done with the table. to view the completed project check out the video below.


Let’s DIY these chairs
clearly someone loves it!!!!

Thank you so much for reading and watching. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share. Also if you would like to see more of my day to day feel free to follow me on Instagram I vlog in my stories there, or follow on Facebook. Remember don’t be intimidated you’ve got this.

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