Seasons change and so did my skin

Here in the south we live through the hottest muggiest months just to arrive to a confused winter that takes forever to show up, but when it does it shuts down entire cities with one inch of snow and ice. But worst than that, the seasons changing can mean some intense and upsetting shifts in our make up routines. I personally have my shifts down to a science but a lot women may not. Although I am not an MUA or esthetician I wanted to give you some of my tips and tricks that helped me figure out how to shift my makeup routine from season to season.

Well ladies I really only have three. Soooo….

1. No matter what season it is you need to find a good moisturizer that works for your skin type. Honestly be prepared for this to shift between seasons. For example during the winter months I can use a more oil base moisturizers because my skin dries out really bad and I have eczema on my face, lips, neck, back, wrist, and stomach but you cant tell and thats because I take care of my skin. If it shifts I shift my routine.

What am I using right now? Vitamin E oil and I got it from The Dollar Tree, I can feel the shock on your face soooooo….yep….I love Dollar Tree they give me life. Note I only use it on my face if my skin is really dry.

2. Remeber I said in had eczema on my lips. Ok so for a while I couldn’t wear any lipstick because my lips peeled, cracked and split which was made obvious to anyone looking because of the color. Believe it or not regular lil gloss didn’t help. I definitely felt a way because I couldn’t fix it but my saving grace was a vaseline lip bomb from my favorite place, The Dollar Tree. I you can’t find it there check your local drugstore or Walmart. After 3 days my lips peeled and revealed the beautifulness that was super smooth soothed lips. Thank the good Lord because I could use my lipstick again and he knows I live for a good embree lip.

3. If you notice that even after you set your make up it still looks like you foundation is refusing to matte down you probably should change from powder to liquid (foundation) or vice versa. For me I have to use powder foundations in the summer and liquid in the winter. Right now this this still true but who knows with the temperatures not staying consistent. Because of the inconsistency I lean towards BB Creams, my favorite right now is by LA Girl Cosmetics, and set them with powders so far no issues.

I really hope this helped and if nothing else made you giggle a little. Let me know down in the comments of you experience the same issues with your skin care routine and what you do to keep your makeup looking flawless from season to season.

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